53rd ARD International Music Competition 2004 Prize Winners

Works for viola, flute, harp and string quartet

Published at: 19-11-2008

CD-Cover: Internationaler Musikwettbewerb der ARD 2004 | Picture: BR, colourbox.com; Montage: BR

Quatuor Ebène, France, 1st Prize String Quartet

Béla Bartok: String Quartet No. 3 Sz 85

Nabila Chajai, France, 2. Prize Harp

Alberto Ginastera: 1st and 2nd movement from the concerto op. 25

Pirmin Grehl, Germany, 2nd Prize Flute

Brian Ferneyhough: Cassandra's dream song for flute solo (1971)

Tomoko Akasaka, Japan, 3rd Prize Viola

Franz Anton Hoffmeister: 2nd and 3rd movement from the concerto in D major

Quatuor Benaïm, Israel/France, 3rd Prize String Quartet

Dmitrij Schostakowitsch: Quartet No. 7 op. 108

Magali Mosnier, France, 1st Prize Flute

Jacques Ibert: 2nd and 3rd movement from the concerto for flute and orchestra

Anton Sie, Netherlands, 1st Prize Harp

Ludwig Spohr: Fantasy c minor op. 35 for harp solo
Elliot Carter: "Bariolage" for harp solo

Ryszard Groblewski, Poland, 2nd Prize Viola

Robert Schumann: from "Märchenbilder" op. 113

Andrea Oliva, Italy, 3rd Prize Flute

Luciano Berio: Sequenza I for flute solo

Mirjam Schröder, Germany, 2nd Prize Harp

Gabriel Fauré: Une Chatelaine en sa tour op. 110 for harp solo

Faust Quartett, Germany, 2nd Prize String Quartet

Robert Schumann: 3rd and 4th movement from the quartet in A major op. 41 No. 3

Antoine Tamestit, France, 1st Prize Viola

Alfred Schnittke: 3rd movement from the concerto for viola and orchestra

The CD is available through the competition's office.