Awards Prizes and Special Prizes 2021

Published at: 2-3-2021

Altogether, four first, five second and six third prizes were awarded during the 2021 Competition. Oswald Beaujean and Meret Forster, the two artistic directors of the ARD Music Competition, said: “We are incredibly happy that all the musicians and jury members were able to travel to Munich and that we have successfully completed this huge competition, and at such a high level.”

Preisträger des ARD-Musikwettbewerbs 2021 | Picture: Daniel Delang

Gallery Prize Winners

_ Prizes

Piano Duo
1st Prize: Geister Duo, France
2nd Prize: Duo La Fiammata, Canada
2nd Prize: Melnikova-Morozova, Russia
3rd Prize: Piano Duo Sakamoto, Japan + Audience Prize

1st Prize: Pascal Deuber, Switzerland + Audience Prize
2nd Prize: Yun Zeng, China
3rd Prize: Ivo Dudler, Switzerland

1st Prize: Anastasiya Taratorkina, Germany/Russia + Audience Prize
2nd Prize: not awarded
3rd Prize: Jeongmeen Ahn, South Korea
3rd Prize: Julia Grüter, Germany
3rd Prize: Valerie Eickhoff, Germany

1st Prize: Seiji Okamoto, Japan
2nd Prize: Dmitry Smirnov, Russia
3rd Prize: Alexandra Tirsu, Moldova/Romania + Audience Prize

_ Spezial Prizes

Audience Award
granted by the Theodor-Rogler-Foundation as well as the Erika and Georg Dietrich Foundation
Piano Duo Sakamoto, Piano Duo
Anastasiya Taratorkina, Voice
Pascal Deuber, Horn
Alexandra Tirsu, Violin

Special Prizes for the best Interpretation of a Commissioned Composition
granted by the by the Alice Rosner Foundation
von Vassos Nicolaou: Geister Duo, Piano Duo
von Isabel Mundry: Jeongmeen Ahn, Voice
von Britta Byström: Yun Zeng, Horn
von Lisa Streich: Seiji Okamoto, Violin

Special Prize of the Munich Chamber Orchestra
Yun Zeng, Horn

BR-KLASSIK Online Prize
Geister Duo, Piano Duo

Special Prize Sweet Spot
Annemarie Federle, Horn

Alice Rosner Preis
for an excellent interpretation of G. Enescu, Sonata for Violin and Klavier a minor, op. 25 No. 3
Alexandra Tirsu, Violin

Osnabrück Music Prize
Dmitry Smirnov, Violin

Busch Brothers Prize
Seiji Okamoto, Violin

Henle Urtext Prize
Geister Duo, Piano Duo
La Fiammata, Piano Duo
Melnikova-Morozova Duo, Piano Duo
Piano Duo Sakamoto, Piano Duo
Seiji Okamoto, Violin
Dmitry Smirnov, Violin
Alexandra Tirsu, Violin

Spezial Prize Mozart Society Munich
Annemarie Federle, Horn

Spezial Prize GENUIN classics
Dmitry Smirnov, Violin

Special Prize Schwarzwald Music Festival
Seiji Okamoto, Violin

Special Prize “Podium for young Soloists”, Tegernsee
Piano Duo Kalabova & Gugg

Special Prize Kronberg Academy
Dayoon You, Violin

Special Prize "for the most beautiful Reger“
Geister Duo, Piano Duo

Carl Bechstein Special Prize
Geister Duo, Piano Duo

Special Prize GEWA
Seiji Okamoto, Violin
Dmitry Smirnov, Violin
Alexandra Tirsu, Violin