Prize Winners 2011

ARD Music Competition Prize Winners 2011

Preisträger 2011 | Picture: BR/Sigi Müller

This year the jury awarded three first, five second and five third prizes. The sum of the main and special prizes made available comes to a grand total of 145,000 euros.

1st Prize was not awarded
2nd Prize Ivan Podyomov, Russia
2nd Prize Philippe Tondre, France
3rd Prize Cristina Gómez Godoy, Spain
3rd Prize Marc Lachat, France
1st Prize Manuel Blanco Gómez-Limón, Spain
2nd Prize Alexandre Baty, France
3rd Prize Ferenc Mausz, Hungary
1st Prize Alexej Gorlatch, Ukrain
2nd Prize Tori Huang (Claire Huangci), USA
3rd Prize Da Sol Kim, Korea
1st Prize Michael Schöch, Austria
2nd Prize Anna-Victoria Baltrusch, Germany
3rd Prize Lukas Stollhof, Germany

Special Prizes

Audience Prize
Contributed by the Theodor Rogler Foundation
Philippe Tondre, Oboe
Ferenc Mausz, Trumpet
Alexej Gorlatch, Piano
Johannes Lang, Organ
Special prize for the interpretation of the commissioned composition
Contributed by the Alice Rosner Foundation
von Liza Lim: Philippe Tondre, Oboe
von Mark Andre: Fabian Neuhaus, Trumpet
von Lera Auerbach: Yuya Tsuda, Paino
von Naji Hakim: Michael Schöch, Organ
Special Prize from the Munich Chamber Orchestra
Da Sol Kim, Piano
Special Prize from BR-KLASSIK
Cristina Gómez Godoy, Oboe
Special Prize U21
Simon Höfele, Trumpet
Alice Rosner Prize
for the interpretation of Bela Bartók, Sonata Sz 80
Eun Ae Lee, Korea
Osnabrücker Musik Prize
Alexej Gorlatch, Piano
Special Prize from the New Philharmonic of Westphalia
Alexej Gorlatch, Piano
Busch Brothers Prize
Ferenc Mausz, Trumpet
Special Prize "Prima la musica"
Cristina Gómez Godoy, Oboe
Ifp Music Prize
Philippe Tondre, Oboe
Special Prize from the Friends of Young Musicians, Munich
Alexej Gorlatch, Piano
Special Prize "Talent Tögel"
Angela Metzger, Organ
Spezial Prize Black Forest Music Festival
Alexej Gorlatch, Piano
Anatol Ugorski Spezial Prize
For an outstanding performance in the piano category
Mao Ishida, Japan
Bärenreiter Original Text Prizes
Miriam Olga Pastor Burgos, Oboe
Miroslav Petkov, Trumpet