ARD Music Competition Prize Winners 2015

This year, the jury awarded four first, five second and four third prizes in the categories flute, trombone, voice and piano duo. In addition many special prizes were awarded.

Published at: 1-12-2015

1st Prize: Emalie Savoy, USA
2nd Prize: Sooyeon Lee, Korea
3rd Prize: Marion Lebegue, France
1st Prize: Sébastian Jacot, Switzerland
2nd Prize: Francisco López Martín, Spain
3rd Prize: Eduardo Belmar, Spain
1st Prize: Michael Buchanan, UK
2nd Prize: Jonathan Reith, Frankreich
3rd Prize: Guilhem Kusnierek, France
Piano Duo
1st Prize: Alina Shalamova & Nikolay Shalamov Piano Duo, Bulgaria/Russia
2nd Prize: Duo Ani und Nia Sulkhanishvili, Georgia
2nd Prize: Duo ShinPark (Clara Mijung Shin and Samuel Sangwook Park), Korea
3rd Prize: Piano Duo Lok Ping & Lok Ting Chau, Hongkong

Special Prizes

Audience Prize
endowed by the Theodor Rogler Foundation
Francisco López Martín, Flute
Sooyeon Lee, Voice
Michael Buchanan, Trombone
Alina Shalamova & Nikolay Shalamov Piano Duo
Special prize for the interpretation of the commissioned composition
endowed by the Alice Rosner Foundation
by Chaya Czernowin: Marion Lebegue, Voice
by Salvatore Sciarrino: Francisco López Martín , Flute
by Christian Muthspiel: José Milton Vieira Leite Filho, Trombone
by Ferran Cruixent: Alina Shalamova & Nikolay Shalamov Piano
Special Prize from the Munich Chamber Orchestra
Sébastian Jacot, Flute
BR-KLASSIK Online Prize
Francisco López Martín, Flute
Special Prize U21
Piano Duo Chen – Armand
Alice Rosner Prize
For an outstanding interpretation of Heinz Holliger's Sonata (in)solit(air)e
Mayuko Akimoto, Flute
Osnabrücker Musik Prize
Sébastian Jacot, Flute
Busch Brothers Prize
Sébastian Jacot, Flute
ifp Music Prize
Alina Shalamova & Nikolay Shalamov Piano Duo
Special Prize Mozart Society Munich
Juan González Moreno, Trombone
Spezial Prize GENUIN classics
Emalie Savoy, Voice
Spezial Prize "Orpheus"
Emalie Savoy, Voice
Bärenreiter Original Text Prizes
Othonas Gkogkas, Flute
Jae Eun Park, Voice
Piano Duo Chen - Armand, Piano Duo