ARD Music Competition Prize Winners 2014

This year, the jury awarded two first, four second and six third prizes in the categories violoncello, piano, percussion and wind quintet. In addition many special prizes were awarded.

Stand: 15.09.2014

1st Prize: Simone Rubino, Italy
2nd Prize: Alexej Gerassimez, Germany
3rd Prize: Christoph Sietzen, Luxembourg
1st Prize: István Várdai, Hungary
2nd Prize: Andrei Ioniţă, Rumania
3rd Prize: Bruno Philippe, France
Wind Quintet
1st Prize: not awarded
2nd Prize: Azahar Ensemble, Spain
3. Preis: Acelga Quintett, Germany/Luxembourg
3rd Prize: Quintette Klarthe, France
1st Prize: not awarded
2nd Prize: Chi Ho Han, Korea
3. Preis: Kang-Un Kim, Korea
3rd Prize: Florian Mitrea, Rumania

Special Prizes

Audience Prize
endowed by the Theodor Rogler Foundation
Bruno Philippe, Violoncello
Simone Rubino, Percussion
Chi Ho Han, Piano
Azahar Ensemble, Wind Quintet
Special prize for the interpretation of the commissioned composition
endowed by the Alice Rosner Foundation
Andrei Ioniţă, Violoncello for the Suite for Cello by Tobias PM Schneid
Alexej Gerassimez, Percussion for Wolkenstudie by Johannes Fischer
Chi Ho Han, Piano for Pavane variée by Marc-André Hamelin
Canorusquintett for Wind Quintet by Giya Kancheli
Special Prize from the Munich Chamber Orchestra
Florian Mitrea, Piano
BR-KLASSIK Online Prize
Quintette Klarthe, France
Special Prize U21
Vivi Vassileva, Percussion
Alice Rosner Prize
For an outstanding interpretation of György Ligeti's Sonata for Violoncello solo
Pablo Ferrández, Violoncello
Osnabrücker Musik Prize
Kang-Un Kim, Piano
Spezial Prize Palazzetto Bru Zane
Quintette Klarthe, Wind Quintet
Busch Brothers Prize
Simone Rubino, Percussion
ifp Music Prize
Azahar Ensemble, Wind Quintet
Jeunesses Musicales Deutschland Bursary
canorusquintett, Wind Quintet
Special Prize Mozart Society Munich
Vivi Vassileva, Percussion
Spezial Prize Premiertone Website
Andrei Ioniţă, Violoncello
Bärenreiter Original Text Prizes
Alexey Zhilin, Violoncello
Nadjezda Pisareva, Piano
Arcadia Wind Quintet, Wind Quintet