ARD Music Competition Prize Winners 2018

2018, the jury awarded four first, four second and five third prizes in the categories voice, trumpet, piano trio and viola. In addition many special prizes were awarded.

Published at: 18-9-2018

1st Prize: Natalya Boeva, Russia
2nd Prize: Milan Siljanov, Switzerland
3rd Prize: Mingjie Lei, China
3rd Prize: Ylva Sofia Stenberg, Sweden
1st Prize Selina Ott, Austria
2nd Prize: Célestin Guérin, France
2nd Prize: Mihály Könyves-Tóth, Hungary
3rd Prize: was not awarded
Piano Trio
1st Prize: Aoi Trio, Japan
2nd Prize: was not awarded
3rd Prize: Trio Marvin, Kazakhstan / Russia / Germany
3rd Prize: Lux Trio, Korea
1st Prize: Diyang Mei, China
2nd Prize: Yucheng Shi, China
3rd Prize: Takehiro Konoe, Japan

Special Prizes

Audience Prize
endowed by the Theodor Rogler Foundation
Milan Siljanov, Voice
Mihály Könyves-Tóth, Trumpet
Lux Trio, Piano Trio
Diyang Mei, Viola
Special prize for the interpretation of the commissioned composition
endowed by the Alice Rosner Foundation
by Stefano Gervasoni: Natalya Boeva, Voice
by Olga Neuwirth: Mihály Könyves-Tóth, Trumpet
by Miroslav Srnka: Lux Trio, Piano Trio
by Konstantia Gourzi: Diyang Mei, Viola
Special Prize by the Munich Chamber Orchestra
Diyang Mei, Viola
BR-KLASSIK Online Prize
Célestin Guérin, Trumpet
Special Prize U21
Ziyu Shen, Viola
For an outstanding interpretation of L. Berios "Sequenza X"
Selina Ott, Trumpet
Osnabrück Music Prize
Diyang Mei, Viola
Brüder Busch Prize
Milan Siljanov, Voice
Henle Urtext Prizes
Aoi Trio, Piano Trio
Trio Marvin, Piano Trio
Lux Trio, Piano Trio
Diyang Mei, Viola
Yucheng Shi, Viola
Takehiro Konoe, Viola
ifp Music Prize
Natalya Boeva, Voice
Special Prize Black Forst Music Festival
Selina Ott, Trumpet
Special Prize Mozart Society Munich
Hwayoon Lee, Viola
Special Prize "Podium für junge Solisten"
Aleksander Kobus, Trumpet
Special Prize Jeunesses Musicales Germany
Lux Trio, Piano Trio
Richard Wagner Grant
Kai Kluge, Voice
Special Prize GENUIN classics
Diyang Mei, Viola
Special Prize GEWA
Case for instruments:
Diyang Mei, Viola
Yucheng Shi, Viola
Takehiro Konoe, Viola
Vincent Bach Trumpet
Selina Ott, Trumpet