ARD Music Competition Prize Winners 2016

2016, the jury awarded three first, five second and five third prizes in the categories double bass, horn, harp and string quartet. In addition many special prizes were awarded.

Published at: 12-9-2016

1st Prize: Agnés Clément, France
2nd Prize: Anaïs Gaudemard, France
3rd Prize: Rino Kageyama, Japan
Double Bass
1st Prize: Wies de Boevé, Belgium
2nd Prize: Michael Karg, Germany
3. Preis: Dominik Wagner, Germany/Austria
String Quartet
1st Prize: Quatuor Arod, France
2nd Prize: Aris Quartett, Germany       
3rd Prize: Quartet Amabile, Japan
1st Prize: not awarded
2nd Prize: Marc Gruber, Germany
2nd Prize: Kateřina Javůrková, Czech Republic
3rd Prize: Félix Dervaux, France
3rd Prize: Nicolas Ramez, France

Special Prizes

Audience Prize
endowed by the Theodor Rogler Foundation
Agnés Clément, Harp
Wies de Boevé, Double Bass
Aris Quartett, String Quartet
Marc Gruber, Horn
Special prize for the interpretation of the commissioned composition 
endowed by the Alice Rosner Foundation
by Krzysztof Meyer: Agnès Clément, Harp
by Zhou Long: Félix Dervaux , Horn
by Moritz Eggert: Michail-Pavlos Semsis, Double Bass
by Nikolaus Brass: Quartet Amabile, Strong Quartet
Special Prize from the Munich Chamber Orchestra
Anaïs Gaudemard, Harp
BR-KLASSIK Online Prize
Kateřina Javůrková, Horn
Special Prize U21
Magdalena Hoffmann, Harp
Alice Rosner Prize 
For an outstanding interpretation of György Ligeti's string quartet No. 1
Quatuor Arod, String Quartet
Osnabrücker Musik Prize
Aris Quartett, String Quartet
Scholarship of the Karl-Klingler-Foundation
Goldmund Quartett, String Quartet
Special Prize ProQuartet
Aris Quartett, String Quartet
Busch Brothers Prize
Marc Gruber, Horn
Special prize of the cello and double bass maker Andreas Wilfer
Dominik Wagner, Double Bass
ifp Music Prize
Wies de Boevé, Double Bass
Special Prize Jeunesses Musicales Germany
Giocoso Streichquartett, Vienna
Special Prize Mozart Society Munich
Magdalena Hoffmann, Harp
IDAGIO Online Prize
Quatuor Arod, String Quartet
Special Prize GENUIN classics
Aris-Quartett, String Quartet
Bärenreiter Urtext Prizes
Marika Cecilia Riedl, Harp
Nicolás Gómez Naval, Horn
Marek Romanowski, Double Bass
Quatuor Hanson, String Quartet