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Contact restrictions generally extended until May 3

Per Mail sharen

    Contact restrictions extended until May 3

    The federal government and the federal states have agreed on how to gradually normalize public life in the Corona crisis. Many shops reopen from Monday, schools gradually reopen from May 4. In Bavaria, measures will be loosened more slowly.

    Per Mail sharen
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    This article was updated on April 22, 08:54 am.

    In the fight against the corona virus, the contact restrictions that have been in effect for weeks in Germany have been extended to at least May 3. Until then, citizens in Bavaria can only spend time in public if they have an important reason. What's new in Bavaria: citizens can now spend time in public with another person who does not live in the same household.

    In a press conference on Wednesday evening, Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke of a “fragile intermediate success” in the fight against the spreaing of the coronavirus. She thanked all people in Germany who restricted themselves and changed their lives to help their fellow human beings. She especially thanked all people who work in the field of health and care. The people would have to live with the virus for as long as there was no medicine and no vaccine, she said. On April 30, Merkel and the Prime Ministers will reevaluate the situation and discuss further steps.

    Big events prohibited until August 31

    Major events are to be prohibited until August 31. Football games are also affected, as are larger concerts, marksmen's festivals and funfair events.

    Schools reopen gradually from May 4, in Bavaria from May 11

    School operations in Germany are to resume on May 4, starting with the final classes, the classes that will take exams in the coming year and the top primary school classes. Upcoming exams can be held beforehand.

    Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus Söder emphasized that the southern federal states are more affected than others. From April 27, final classes at high schools (Gymnasien), junior high schools (Realschulen) and middle schools (Mittelschulen) will be the first to return to schools, as well as master classes. From May 11 at the earliest, the classes that graduate next year will follow at these schools. It is therefore still unclear when all the other classes can go back to school. Daycare centers and preschools should also remain closed for the time being.

    Shops with sales areas of up to 800 square meters are allowed to reopen

    Shops with a sales area of ​​up to 800 square meters may reopen from Monday under strict hygiene requirements. Regardless of the sales area, this also applies to car dealers, bicycle dealers and bookstores.

    Bavaria is allowing the reopening of smaller shops one week later than the federal government: Shops with a sales area of up to 800 square meters may reopen from April 27. Hardware stores and garden centers can reopen from April 20.

    From May 4, hair salons and podologists may repoen if they have a well thought-out hygiene plan.

    Masks in stores and public transport

    More and more federal states are planning or have already implemented a mask requirement. Starting on April 27, wearing a mask while shopping and using public transport is compulsory for all citizens above the age of six in Bavaria. Citizens do nit have to use surgical or FFP masks, they can use selfmade so-called "community masks".

    Border controls extended until May 4

    The controls at German borders introduced in the Corona crisis will be extended by a further 20 days.

    Church services are cancelled for the time being

    This week politicians and religious and church leaders will talk about how and when services can take place again.