UFO Confetti Check A-O.K.

Filming the moonbase | Bild: ITV

Freitag, 15.02.2019
21:55 bis 22:45 Uhr

Großbritannien 1970
Folge 22 von 26

Out-of-this-world action and suspense in orbit as Earth's defence organisation comes under threat from aliens. At Moonbase Control, the defence team wages a spectacular battle with alien invaders, explores mysteries of the universe, discovers computer love affairs and encounters dying extra-terrestrials who need human organs for survival. One of the best of its genre, UFO combines the remarkable talents of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson with those of special effects director Derek Meddings. With a stellar cast including Ed Bishop, Michael Billington and George Sewell.

Episode 22, "Confetti Check A-O.K.": Security proves to be “the other woman” in the tragic triangle that breaks up Ed Straker’s marriage ...

The birth of twins to a SHADO operative’s wife brings back sad memories for Commander Ed Straker (Ed Bishop). He remembers the day, early in the 1970’s, when he was still in the USAF - a Colonel in Military Intelligence, marrying the lovely young English girl, Mary (Suzanne Neve). Life was good; the future promising.

Bitterly, he recalls the first day of their honeymoon and can see Mary and himself to Greece. Then an urgent message for him. He is to report immediately to General Henderson (Grant Taylor), who is still in hospital after a UFO attack on his car. A UFO meeting is to be held immediately to consider setting up a defence organisation to protect Earth from potential danger from outer space.

The man chosen to command the organisation, SHADO, is Ed Straker. From that moment, his marriage is threatened. As the organisation takes shape and its headquarters are being built and personnel recruited, there is little time for home life. And he daren’t tell Mary why.

Mary becomes more and more worried, and then suspicious. And, just before her baby is due, she learns that he has been seen leaving a girl’s flat late at night. he cannot tell her that the girl is a member of SHADO and that the meeting has been a vitally important one. In the confrontation, Mary falls and her life is in danger as the baby son is born. She wants to live only for the baby … Ed is not part of her future ...


Rolle: Darsteller:
Commander Ed Straker Ed Bishop
Colonel Paul Foster Michael Billington
Colonel Alec Freeman George Sewell
Lieutenant Gay Ellis Gabrielle Drake
Colonel Virginia Lake Wanda Ventham
Captain Peter Carlin Peter Gordeno
Dr. Doug Jackson Vladek Sheybal

Autor: Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson
Redaktion: Gábor Toldy