UFO The Dalotek Affair

B142 Space Probe | Bild: ITV

Freitag, 11.01.2019
21:45 bis 22:35 Uhr

Großbritannien 1970
Folge 17 von 26

Out-of-this-world action and suspense in orbit as Earth's defence organisation comes under threat from aliens. At Moonbase Control, the defence team wages a spectacular battle with alien invaders, explores mysteries of the universe, discovers computer love affairs and encounters dying extra-terrestrials who need human organs for survival. One of the best of its genre, UFO combines the remarkable talents of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson with those of special effects director Derek Meddings. With a stellar cast including Ed Bishop, Michael Billington and George Sewell.

Episode 17, "The Dalotek Affair": Disaster threatens when the Moonbase radio and video link with Earth fails. But what has caused it?

The sudden failure of all the radio and video equipment on Moonbase is an alarming mystery. It means that video link with Earth has broken down and that detection of alien intruders is threatened. A check of the equipment reveals that nothing is wrong, and there is no unusual solar activity. Then the equipment returns to working order of its own accord.

Colonel Paul Foster (Michael Billington) of Moonbase suspects that this might have been caused by the presence on moon of a private business corporation’s team which has been given permission to carry out a lunar survey, despite violent opposition from Commander Straker (Ed Bishop). The team consists of Jane Carson (Tracy Reed), Tanner (Clinton Greyn) and Mitchell (David Weston), who have just had a very narrow escape when a meteorite has crashed on the moon, leaving a deep crater.

The team seems to be in the clear. The only possible cause of the trouble could come from its geological scanner. Plans are made to ensure that it is not working if any further emergency occurs while surveyors are still here.

Once again, the Moonbase radio equipment fails, this time when a moonship is coming in. Radio contact is lost, the moonship’s equipment goes haywire, and the craft crashes.

Yet, once again, the equipment check shows nothing wrong; but, as he has been unable to contact the survey team and confirm that the geological scanner was not working, Foster orders it to be removed and this means the end of the survey.

But when the radio equipment fails for a third time, just as a UFO has been sighted, it’s clear that the scanner could not have been responsible. This time, though, there is a solution to the mystery, thanks to Jane Carson and her colleagues reporting that they have seen some strange equipment at the bottom of the crater ...


Rolle: Darsteller:
Commander Ed Straker Ed Bishop
Colonel Paul Foster Michael Billington
Colonel Alec Freeman George Sewell
Lieutenant Gay Ellis Gabrielle Drake
Colonel Virginia Lake Wanda Ventham
Captain Peter Carlin Peter Gordeno
Dr. Doug Jackson Vladek Sheybal

Autor: Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson
Redaktion: Gábor Toldy