UFO The Psychobombs

"The Psychobombs" - Paul Foster and Linda Simmons	(courtesy Helen Weber) | Bild: ITV

Freitag, 07.12.2018
21:45 bis 22:35 Uhr

Großbritannien 1970
Folge 12 von 26

Out-of-this-world action and suspense in orbit as Earth's defence organisation comes under threat from aliens. At Moonbase Control, the defence team wages a spectacular battle with alien invaders, explores mysteries of the universe, discovers computer love affairs and encounters dying extra-terrestrials who need human organs for survival. One of the best of its genre, UFO combines the remarkable talents of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson with those of special effects director Derek Meddings. With a stellar cast including Ed Bishop, Michael Billington and George Sewell.

Episode 12, "The Psychobombs": Three average people become super-humans when "taken over" by aliens from outer space and are used as instruments in an attempt to wreck SHADO.

They are three very ordinary people - Linda (Deborah Grant), a secretary; Mason (Mike Pratt), a motorway construction manager; Clark (David Collings), a bank clerk.

Yet they have incredible, superhuman powers of strength without their even realising it. All are completely unaware that they have been taken over by aliens from outer space who have landed on Earth in a UFO which the SHADO organisation cannot find. It is only when signals from the aliens penetrate their minds that their behaviour is out of the ordinary. Afterwards, they have no recollection of what they have done. They are the instruments chosen to wreck SHADO.

Straker doesn't even know of their existence when he receives an ultimatum which has been found on him after he has been attacked in his car by Clark, who has asked for a lift home. It is a warning that unless SHADO ceases all operation, first the Fairfield Tracker Station will be destroyed; then Skydiver Three; then Commander Straker and SHADO Control.

Despite all precautions, the first part of the threat is successfully carried out by Clark, who uses his superhuman strength to break into the Tracker Station. Then Mason overpowers SHADO's Captain Lauritzen (Tom Adams), takes over his identity, gets aboard Skydiver Three and blows it to smithereens.

Next on the list are Straker and SHADO Control, and information pieced together points towards Linda, who has already killed a policeman and her employer without knowing that she has done so. Is she to be the final instrument in wrecking SHADO? If so, how can she be stopped? Straker takes the gamble of his life, a gamble on the UFO being found in time ...


Rolle: Darsteller:
Commander Ed Straker Ed Bishop
Colonel Paul Foster Michael Billington
Colonel Alec Freeman George Sewell
Lieutenant Gay Ellis Gabrielle Drake
Colonel Virginia Lake Wanda Ventham
Captain Peter Carlin Peter Gordeno
Dr. Doug Jackson Vladek Sheybal

Autor: Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson
Redaktion: Gábor Toldy