UFO Identified

Shane Rimmer und Sewell | Bild: BR/itv Studios

Freitag, 14.09.2018
21:50 bis 22:40 Uhr

Großbritannien 1970
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Out-of-this-world action and suspense in orbit as Earth's defence organisation comes under threat from aliens. At Moonbase Control, the defence team wages a spectacular battle with alien invaders, explores mysteries of the universe, discovers computer love affairs and encounters dying extra-terrestrials who need human organs for survival. One of the best of its genre, UFO combines the remarkable talents of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson with those of special effects director Derek Meddings. With a stellar cast including Ed Bishop, Michael Billington and George Sewell.

Episode 1, "Identified": A grim secret is revealed when a visitor from Outer Space arrives on earth ...

For ten years, there have been confirmed incidents involving Unidentified Flying Objects. Mutilated bodies have been found after attacks and people have disappeared completely - among them LeiJa Carlin, who has never been seen again since the arrival of a strange craft which has been one more piece of evidence to convince the world’s governments that a force should be formed to fight the UFO menace.

The missing girl’s brother, Peter Carlin (Peter Gordeno) is now a member of that organisation, “SHADO” - Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defence Organisation - of which Commander Edward Straker (Ed Bishop) is in control, with Colonel Alec Freeman (George Sewell) as his right-hadn man.

SHADO has a base on the moon, a sophisticated tracking satellite and powerful Earth-based strike and search machinery. No, at last, it seems that there is a breakthrough in the interception of objects through the perfection of equipment by a design team headed by Virginia Lake and other members of the team, and SHADO’s Moonbase Control, commanded by Lieut. Gay Ellis (Gabrielle Brake), is put on the alert.

A UFO is sighted and closes in on the transporter plane. Evasive action fails. But Captain Peter Carlin, in the SHADO strike plane Sky One, intercepts. The UFO crashes, and a body is recovered and rushed to hospital.

But efforts to save the UFO pilot are in vain. Almost as soon as the alien`s helmet is removed, the young-looking features are transformed into those of an incredibly aged man, and he dies. But in death, he gives up one of the secrets Commander Straker has been so anxious to learn; that many of the alien’s organ are human.

A dying race, in desperate need of replacement organs from healthy people, the aliens have been finding their hopes of survival on Earth, millions of miles away, by raids in search of human organs to themselves alive.

Grimly, Straker has to break the news to Peter Carlin that his sister is dead. For the alien’s heart was a transplant. The donor … Leila Carlin.


Rolle: Darsteller:
Commander Ed Straker Ed Bishop
Colonel Paul Foster Michael Billington
Colonel Alec Freeman George Sewell
Lieutenant Gay Ellis Gabrielle Drake
Colonel Virginia Lake Wanda Ventham
Captain Peter Carlin Peter Gordeno
Dr. Doug Jackson Vladek Sheybal

Autor: Gerry Anderson, Sylvia Anderson
Redaktion: Gábor Toldy