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Space Night Conditions of Use and Rights

Published at: 31-7-2013

1. When uploading music you accept these terms and conditions and grant BR nonexclusive rights to use the music uploaded or extracts thereof free of charge for an unlimited period.

2. The rights of use apply worldwide and for unlimited exploitation of the pieces of music on radio and television channels as well as BR online services, other national radio companies and channels and services in which BR has a share.

3. The rights granted include broadcasting (television/radio) and on-demand services regardless of the technical procedures used, including the right to mix the music with other works (production rights) and to edit it.

The rights granted also include the right to perform the piece of music publicly for non-commercial purposes as part of a complete work, especially as part of a video, multimedia work or audio and to transfer it to third parties in accordance with the rights granted in these Conditions of Use.

4. If the editorial office selects the music uploaded as background music for the broadcast Space Night, you will be offered to be paid a lump sum recognition fee of EUR 150 gross for each piece of music. In this case the editorial office will contact you separately and offer a written contract. The scope of the rights granted remains unaffected by this.

5. The pieces of music uploaded are identical to those distributed by you elsewhere under a Creative Commons license. You also assure that you are not a member of GEMA (German Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights) or any similar collecting society abroad.

6. Your further guarantee that you have composed the respective pieces of music yourself and/or hold all licence rights to be granted under this agreement for both the composition and the specific recording, and that these do not belong to any collecting society. In particular the piece is not a mere re-recording of an existing piece of music.

7. BR is not obliged to use the pieces of music.

8. BR will name the licensor and title of the piece within the scope of the law and editorial possibilities at an appropriate time during the broadcast, in the credits or on the programme page on the Internet. Overlays such as Internet addresses, slogans etc. which may be understood as advertisements cannot be used.

9. You may recall your music. If you wish to do this, please inform us in writing stating your name, address, e-mail address and a description of the material submitted at the following address:

Bayerischer Rundfunk
PB Planung und Entwicklung BFS
Redaktion Space Night
Floriansmühlstr. 60
80939 München

This right to recall does not apply to music already used and transmitted on Space Night.

10. Data Protection Provisions

Bayerische Rundfunk will save your personal data solely for editorial and legal purposes.

We require this information since we will

  • refer to your authorship to the music in our programmes.
  • guarantee your authorship to the music for Bayerische Rundfunk.

We may contact you via the telephone number and e-mail address given (e.g. if we have any questions in connection with content or property rights to your materials).

11. German law applies and the place of jurisdiction, where legally permissible, is Munich.