Competition 2012 Competitors, Rounds, Results

This year, the jury awarded two first, eight second and three third prizes. The sum of the main and special prizes made available comes to a grand total of 201,500 euros.

Published at: 1-10-2012

All competitors and rounds at a glance

With one click on one of the three following categories, you can follow the contestants through all the different rounds of the competition:


The prizes of the 2012 ARD Music Competition's first final were awarded on September 14: All three finalists - Annelien van Wauwe from Belgium, Sergey Eletskiy from Russia and Stojan Krkuleski from Serbia - were awarded a second prize. Stojan Krkuleski also was awarded the audience prize.

1st Round
Sep 6-8, 2012
2nd Round
Sep 9-10
Sep 12
Sep 14
Sebastian Appel, Germany
Bettina Aust, Germany
Pablo Barragán Hernández, Spainx
Mārtiņš Circenis, Latvia
Todd Cope, USA
Taras Demchyshyn, Ukraine
Julien Desgranges, France
Sergey Eletskiy, Russiaxx2nd Prize
Joachim Forlani, Switzerlandx
Marco Giani, Italyxx
Fuminori Haga, Japan
Thomas Holzmann, Austria
Donghyun Jo, South Korea
Sang Yoon Kim, South Koreax
Nils Kohler, Switzerland
Stojan Krkuleski, Serbiaxx2nd Prize +
Audience Prize
Guntis Kuzma, Latvia
Jana Lahodná, Czech Republic
Soo-Young Lee, South Korea
Andreas Lipp, Germany
Javier López Estruch, Spain
Bernhard Mitmesser, Austriax
Masako Miyako, Japanx
Christelle Pochet, Belgium
Rimvydas Savickas, Lithuania
Raphaël Sévère, Francex
Valentin Uryupin, Russiaxx
Annelien Van Wauwe, Belgiumxx2nd Prize
Uriel Vanchestein, Canada
Luzi Wei, China
Pierre Xhonneux, Belgium
Yao Guang Zhai, Chinax


The jury awarded seven prizes at the third and concluding finals in the voice category. From among the female singers, Olena Tokar from the Ukraine won a first prize, Anna Sohn and Sumi Hwang from South Korea each received second prizes, and Sophia Christine Brommer from Germany received a third prize as well as the Audience Prize. Awards to male vocalists included second prizes to Dashon Burton from the United States and Hansung Yoo from South Korea, with third prize honors going to Kyubong Lee from South Korea along with the Audience Prize. No first prize was awarded to any of the male singers. The prize for the best interpretation commissioned composition "Ich will ein Reiter werden. Vier Gesänge des Kaspar Hauser" ("I Want to be a Horseman - Four Songs of Kaspar Hauser") by Manfred Torjahn was presented to South Korean singer Anna Sohn.

1st Round
Sep 7-9, 2012
2nd Round
Sep 10-11
Sep 14
Sep 16
Andrey Andreychik, Russia
Polina Angelico-Pasztircsák, Hungaryxx
Nohad Becker, Germany
Catalina María Bertucci Mora, Chile / Italyx
Michalina Bienkiewicz, Poland
Thomas Blondelle, Belgium
Rebeka Bobanj, Hungary
Sophia Christine Brommer, Germanyxx3rd Prize +
Andreas Burkhart, Germany
Dashon Burton, USAxx2nd Prize
Diana Rosa Cárdenas Alfonso, Cuba
Byeonghoon Chang, South Korea
Joo Hyun Cho, South Korea
Hyekyung Choi, South Korea
Jeongkon Choi, South Koreaxx
Joshua Copeland, USA
Stephanie Corley, UK
Ana Maria Elefterescu, Romania
Hila Fahima, Israelx
Therese Fauser, Germany
Nathalie Flessa, Germany
Rena Fujii, Japanx
Georg Gädker, Germany
Łukasz Hajduczenia, Poland
Q-Won Han, South Korea
Sa Myung Han, South Korea
Eeva Hartemaa, Finlandx
Johannes Held, Germanyx
Marta Herman, Canada / Poland
Su Yeon Hilbert, South Korea
Meredith Hoffmann-Thomson, USA
Anna Huntley, UK
Sumi Hwang, South Koreaxx2nd Prize
Melis Jaatinen, Finland
Lisa Jackson, USA
Jennifer Jakob, Germany / USA
Ji Young Jo, South Koreax
Oddur Jónsson, Icelandx
Taehyun Jun, South Korea
Lisa Kaltenmeier, Germany
Noriko Kaneko, Japan
Alena Karmanova, Russiax
Stanisław Kierner, Polandxx
Heungyong Kim, South Korea
Kyung-Hee Kim, South Korea
So Hee Kim, South Korea
Young Woo Kim, South Koreax
Sumi Kittelberger, Germany
Sara Kobayashi, Japan
Ilona Krzywicka, Polandx
Bum-Joo Lee, South Korea
Eung Kwang Lee, South Korea
Ho Chul Lee, South Koreaxx
Jin-Hee Lee, South Korea
Joohyun Lee, South Korea
Kyubong Lee, South Koreaxx3rd Prize
Neungmi Lee, South Korea
So Young Lee, South Korea
Yasmine Levi-Ellentuck, Israel
Lussine Levoni, Armeniax
Eun-Kyong Lim, South Koreaxx
Irina Logacheva, Russia
Marco Antonio Lozano, USA
Eleanor Lyons, Australia
Saori Masuda, Japan
Aiste Miknyte, Lithuania
Nathalie Mittelbach, Switzerlandx
Makiko Miyahira, Japan
Anne-Theresa Møller, Germanyxx
Lisa Mostin, Belgium
Hyunduk Na, South Korea
Vincenz Neri, Germany
Anna Nesyba, Germany
Mary-Jean O'Doherty, Australiax
Mariko Ohga, Japan
Julian Orlishausen, Germany
Valentina Pennino, Germany / Italy
Anastasia Prokofyeva, Russia
Felix Rathgeber, Germany
Magdalena Renwart, Austria
Yungee Rhie, South Korea
Artur Rożek, Poland
Diana Schnürpel, Russia
Marie Friederike Schöder, Germany
Tomáš Šelc, Slovakiax
Marianna Sipos, Hungary
Anna Sohn, South Koreaxx2nd Prize
Eunjeong Song, South Korea
Kristina Stanek, Germany
Eunkyoung Sul, South Korea
Marion Tassou, France
Ashley Thouret, Canada
Olena Tokar, Ukrainexx1st Prize
Léa Trommenschlager, France
Hanna Wåhlin, Sweden
Anna Wilk, Poland
Valda Wilson, Australia
Sophie Witte, Germany
Guibee Yang, South Korea
Mayuko Yasuda, Japan
Hansung Yoo, South Koreaxx2nd Prize +
Soomin Yu, South Koreax
Elizaveta Zapolskikh, Russia
Olga Zhorova, Lithuania

String Quartet

In the competition's second final, the prizes for the string quartets were awarded: A first prize as well as the audience prize the German Armida Quartett, a second prize the Novus String Quartet from South Korea and a third prize the Calidore String Quartet from the USA and Canada.

1st Round
Sep 7-9, 2012
2nd Round
Sep 10-11
Sep 13
Sep 15
Acies Quartett,
Anima Quartet,
Armida Quartett,
xx1st Prize +
Calidore String Quartet,
USA / Canada
xx3rd Prize
Gagliano Quartett,
Germany / Israel / South Korea / USA
Jana Quartet,
China / Japan
Novus String Quartet,
South Korea
xx2nd Prize
Quartet Berlin Tokyo,
Japan / Israel
Quatuor Varèse,
Quatuor Zaïde,